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Thanks; Rope Trick Question; Coolant 200 1980


You are talking about the shirt pin sticking out that the sleeve with the spring on it is moving around.
I would say that is normal also.
It must be a slip fit but tight enough to trap air under it.
When you tap it it compresses the air inside the bore and bounces back out.
That's a good fit in my opinion. It's not going anywhere.
But if you wanted to stop that, you will have to remove that pin and take a file and draw file a flat down its length to break the surface contact in the bore.
Personally, I would leave it that way forever! Nothing is going to wiggle it out under spring pressure as the assembly is locked down.

As far as the rope trick in the piston cylinder you roll the engine to hit the rope in before one turn.

That turn is always to the right pulling the belt clockwise over the top and down.
To get the rope out you might have to back up, ONLY A TINY BIT, to release any pressure on the tip that long rope. You don't put the whole rope in. You only need a few inches to lay across the piston top. The space in there gets squeezed down to less than a half inch to the top of the dome. That's why it's a non interference engine.
Easing it up slightly backwards will not hurt anything.

As far as pumping out coolant it cannot be done! As soon as half the fluid drops pump outs it will all stop! Maybe even sooner than that!

You have to drain, flush and drain again!
I have used lots of compressed air to push out the heater cores water but I'm not totally sure that it evens gets it all out, to be like in essence, " dry as a bone!"

All you can do is the best you can. I have only used OAT. The newer HOAT is new to me but I would think the two should be backward compatible to some extent!

As far as going from green ethylene glycol to either Hybird or plain Organic there is going to be some residual pockets someplace. You just can't worry about it as all of the fluids were not supposed to hurt your car, right!
I'm no chemist but I do live in the real world!

Trust me, it tries to get too real at times and all you can do is go with the flow!
In reality sometimes, you have to be fluid!
Pun intended on this subject!



New Crankshaft Oil Seal Misaligned [200][1980]
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