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Thanks; Rope Trick Question; Coolant 200 1980

Thanks for your comment and reassurance.

Just to be clear, the left stud that holds the base of the tensioner, i.e. to the left of the spring, doesn't go flush against the cylinder head. In other words, I can push it in a bit, and it pops back out the same bit. I don't recall checking for this with the timing belt job I did a couple months back on my 1988. It does not move left to right.

I removed the timing belt tensioner nut and washer and the assembly moved to the left. Am I correct that this is due only to the timing belt pushing on the tensioner and is perfectly normal?

I read the rope trick several times and am confused. I removed the rope in the middle of the timing belt change and after removing the crankshaft but before I reinstall it. When I want to immobilize the crankshaft to install the crankshaft bolt, do I rotate the crankshaft clockwise until I'm 90 degrees BTDC then reinstall the rope, or just rotate the crankshaft a little bit backwards, then reinstall the rope?

Finally, this car is a project/storage car. I just changed the water pump and continued to use the old-school green coolant which came witht he car. I'd like to switch to the HOAT, but don't want to start the engine to flush the old coolant out. Can I flush the system without starting the engine?



New Crankshaft Oil Seal Misaligned [200][1980]
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