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[RWD] [140-160] [1973] George Downs Yellow Peril

I am new to Brickboard, and am not sure if I am posting this in the right place.I have known George Downs for sometime, and I know that he used to post on here quite a bit. Over the past weekend I was went to Bartlesville where his wife lives and pulled the yellow peril out of the weeds where it started right up. After some long talks I was able to buy the yellow peril with the promise to get it running right and restored. I trailed the 73 145 wagon back to Bentonville AR where I live and am n...

[RWD] [200] [1993] 4 Years Later- A/C works again Custom Switch

It's ugly- but it works. Got my hands on 2 "Snowflake" A/C switches and they didn't work. Made this up- and finally have A/C in the Volvo again! -- 1993 Volvo 240 Wagon

[RWD] [900] Scuba's 960 Transmission Swap Thread / Guide

Since there have been so many twists and turns with removing the transmission from our 960, and information is scattered across multiple boards and sites I decided to try and consolidate as much of it here as possible in case anyone ends up doing the same job. If you're trying to avoid the swap you may have noticed that Toyota used basically the same transmission in the early '90s. The internals and the transmission itself are not interchangeable whatsoever, don't bother trying. Removing the ...

[RWD] Problem Solved For Now - Thanks Art!

 photo P1030069_zps3fech3p6.jpg Many, many, thanks to Art Benstein who I met in person for the first time yesterday. It was an amazing sight pulling up to his garage and I see 5 or 6 Volvo 240's on site. Then I noticed his 240 wagon had the hood up and laying across the radiator suppor...

[RWD] [200] [1991] Crank no start

1991 240 Sedan, Blue, no ABS, 320K, daughter's car for past 11 years. I agreed to have a look over lunch hour. Found it cranks strong but not a hint of fire. Left the key on, popped the hood, and checked the OBD. Had a 232 on fuel side, 111 on ignition. Took out a test light, rolled back the AMM boot, and saw good battery on the orange lead. Checked at the coil, also good battery. Got out the remote start switch (jumper between test socket and battery positive) and cranked with test ...

[RWD] [S90-V90] belly pan trick, 960 940

As one who has no service lift (and I don't trust ramps) and has to change the oil laying flat on my back, I thought I'd pass on this trick for making re-installation of an S90 belly pan easier. Also works on a 940 (though you can change the 940 filter with the pan in place). I got tired of trying to hold the pan up with one hand while fishing around for the bolt holes on the cross-member; same with the two screws on either side of the pan. The pan was made a bit over-sized, so I always had to...

[RWD] [900] Speedo sensor in Differential?

The sending unit is the same. -- john

[RWD] [200] [1990] Sunny, you can ignore this as well!

You would appreciate it? Really! If you knew how to appreciate anything you would have heeded the wisdom of the board and would have fixed the problem yourself. Instead you ran to a rip off artist, IMHO! This thread should have never gone with this many posts to begin with. Yes the cluster can be change out in fifteen minutes with only two types of screw drivers! Oh, maybe some calmness and patience thrown in! Maybe you should read some posts with Susan or Shaw. Her whole engine didn't ru...

[RWD] [200] [1982] Hard to start

What I wrote in my other post about rest pressure held in the system. My response was generic to both mechanical and electronic as both use the same approach up to a point. Mechanical will have fuel lines directly to the injectors and no wiring. Electronic will have a pipe taking fuel to the injectors and there will be wiring and connectors there also! Art asked the question earlier as this model year might have one or the other. Answering this question will help in what things that needed t...

[RWD] [200] [1989] The forum helps those...

...that do not know how to help themselves. With everything I learned here I helped a young lady a couple of years ago when she was trying to sell her non-running 1993 240 sedan. The garage had given her bad info and she was clearly heartbroken about letting it go...I swapped parts with my 1990 until we found that it was power stage. She even changed it herself once the part came in. Got a call from her today in a friends 240 wagon stranded on the side of the road. A few quick questions an...

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