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[RWD] [200] old duke

hi cb and other Volvo sages- surmsise youre concerned about the current cane, Irma pummeling the east coast of fla and my burg of Jensen beach. east coast is getting continuous heavy rain. worried my 92 240 would float away but so far so good. tobacco road is even flooded. the oldduke is alive and well. put up shutters. stockpiled food, gas for generator as I await a sunny and dry day. thanks for your concern. even olddukes enemies emailed and worried about his demise. may have dodged the bulle...

[RWD] [200] Squealing interior vent fan

The fan motor is not the worst, and no, the 240 is not built around the fan motor! The first part on the assembly line is the heater core which is then magically suspended in mid-air while the heater core assembly is placed around it, and then the fan motor is installed to that assembly. The rest of the car then follows. So no, not the most hateful job out there, but a very, very close second. Matt

[RWD] [900] Anti-Freeze Change schedule

your schedule's correct but the coolant is wrong. zerex g05 is what volvo says to use. it has no phosphates to react with the aluminum in the head. phosphate will leach out and in some cases, will clog the radiator. good luck, chuck.

[RWD] [900] A/C reduction on acceleration adjustable?

Your problem is most likely related to a vacuum leak where one of your vacuum valves looses vacuum and opens a flap causing you to get hot air. Try putting the fan on position 1 and turning off the radio and when you accelerate and then let off the glass, listen to see if you hear one of the vacuum valves. Also check under the hood to see if there is a vacuum leak on one of the hoses that go thru the firewall on the passenger side for the air conditioning.There are some little valves in the ho...

[RWD] [200] [1993] Cranks, no start -- '93 240

What diagram are you working from? No continuity on the grey wires (85;86) at the main relay on the L fender when cranking. "Main relay" on L fender?? No voltage between #4 and #2 at the power amplifier, ignition on. Should be battery on #4, the blue wire. How exactly are you probing this? Tested the CPS cable to the ICU at its connector in the engine compartment, found #2 voltage with ignition on was 3.1 V; #3 was connected to ground, and #1, which should be 250 Ohms, wa...

[RWD] [900] AW-71 Shifting Great!

I took jwalker & kittysgreyvolvo advise and did a 3 gallon ATF flush using an IPD hose I bought years ago. Refilled with synthetic ATF and a bottle of K&W TransX. Problem solved! Actually shifts stronger than before. Thanks to those who responded

[RWD] [900] [1995] A/C Universal Compressor Oil and Leak Detection

Now that you've mentioned it, I just cleaned my oily engine compartment & parts with undiluted Simple Green. What a remarkable cleaner! Okay. You mentioned you just have few seconds before the vacuum was lost. Thats a BIG leak. Listen close to these (big leak points): 1) compressor oil seal - listen near to clutch plate 2) crimped rubber hoses - listen near to crimped ends 3) condenser - dismantle the front grille, listen near front of condenser 4) leave the evaporator alone, not yet this tim...

[RWD] [900] [1995] A/C Universal Compressor Oil and Leak Detection

Yes the system must have lost much oil. Leave the compressor alone for the time being. Find the leak first. Worry about replacing oil later. Regards, Amarin.

[RWD] [900] [1995] A/C Universal Compressor Oil and Leak Detection

Dear jd620, I think you plan to find the leak using dyed compressor oil. A good plan however if oil added too much you could disrupt the system oil balance i.e existing oil plus newly added oil. Cooling (i.e heat transfer) would be affected with too much oil in the system. The extra oil would much coat the insides of the evaporator/condenser tubes hindering heat transfer. The SAFER way is to use R134a with added dye. The Behr oil is of PAO variety with a viscosity of 68. Your Seiko-Seiki comp...

[RWD] [120-130] Putting pertonix and new coil questions

GD; Cutting into armored cable is not necessary...diode cable is not necessary...tt's all covered here: http://www.sw-em.com/123Ignition_in_a_Volvo_with_Armored_Cable.htm Good Hunting!

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