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[RWD] [200] [1988] Front Oil Seal Questions

Here's how I do it. Clean then lightly lubricate the crankshaft seal surface with engine oil. Pack the back of the seal with grease where the spring resides. This will help keep the spring in place while you are installing the seal. I normally use "SuperLube" which is a thick clear silicone grease and comes in a tube that I buy from my local Ace Hardware store. Lubricate the lip(s) of the seal with engine oil. I prefer not to use the SuperLube as it has a tendency to cause the seal to make n...

[RWD] [200] [1988] Idle valve

Hi, I Been reading over the posts and in my personal opinion the engine cannot run faster than the amount of air it can get into it. Art Benstein, had you plug off the line to closed that avenue from the engine getting some air it shouldn’t be from the IAC. The other side of the IAC has a hose that goes directly into the intake. Make sure that hose has no cracks or splits. It need to seal tightly even if you have to put a screw clamp on the manifold side. Itâ€&#...

[AWD] [V70-XC70] [2007] Update:...PHOTOS: Failing CVVT Exhaust Hub...

So my friend Mark and I tore into the car this morning fearing the worst. To my surprise, upon removing the exhaust hub we immediately noted that the CAM seal was NOT seated correctly! Yea! The new seal was then installed. Since I had already purchase a new hub, we compared the play of the hub that we just took off to the new one and came to the same conclusion that the play appeared to be the same. We then carefully put the car back together. It started right up and ran great and did not t...

[AWD] [V70-XC70] [2004] uneven pad wear, front

When you removed the old pads, I assume that they were worn evenly. Now, the pads appear to be touching all of the time. So, is the spring properly in place? I suspect this a mechanic error, not a mechanical error. And, NO, do not continue driving like this and do not blame the pads! -- Keeping it running is better than buying new

[RWD] [200] [1990] Brake failure light

You're absolutely right. The engineers didn't make it so easy to reach up behind the cluster from underneath. Not so easy as it was in CB's old 80's cars. And they knew it, between Volvo adding the SRS and VDO supplying a new cluster design every year to keep up. They had VDO fashion a Rube Goldberg reset cable for the Service Reminder mileage counter. In yours, you can put the Service Engine light out by poking a recess in the cluster's front panel. By now you've got removing the cluster...

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