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[RWD] [140-160] NPR Articles on 140s in North Korea


[RWD] [200] Squealing interior vent fan

The fan motor is not the worst, and no, the 240 is not built around the fan motor! The first part on the assembly line is the heater core which is then magically suspended in mid-air while the heater core assembly is placed around it, and then the fan motor is installed to that assembly. The rest of the car then follows. So no, not the most hateful job out there, but a very, very close second. Matt

[RWD] [900] [1993] 1993 940 wagon a few repair questions.

Hi Griff951, Answer1: The "brake line junction block" below the MC is the brake proportioning valve. This valve is to prevent the rear-end "fishtailing" in the event of hard braking. So it is a safety item. Both brake lines from the MC go to it. From the valve it would then branch out to the ABS control unit or straight to front/rear brakes (for cars without ABS). First tip: Try tightening all the brake line nuts at the valve first. Use proper brake line wrench. If tightening doesn't work t...

[RWD] [200] old duke

hi cb and other Volvo sages- surmsise youre concerned about the current cane, Irma pummeling the east coast of fla and my burg of Jensen beach. east coast is getting continuous heavy rain. worried my 92 240 would float away but so far so good. tobacco road is even flooded. the oldduke is alive and well. put up shutters. stockpiled food, gas for generator as I await a sunny and dry day. thanks for your concern. even olddukes enemies emailed and worried about his demise. may have dodged the bulle...

[RWD] [900] Anti-Freeze Change schedule

your schedule's correct but the coolant is wrong. zerex g05 is what volvo says to use. it has no phosphates to react with the aluminum in the head. phosphate will leach out and in some cases, will clog the radiator. good luck, chuck.

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