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Timing Belt Tensioner Assembly and Nut Misaligned 200 1980

I ensured that the timing belt tensioner assembly was snug against the hole in the cylinder block (I cleaned the hole the other day) and pushed the assembly against and into the stud on the left. It didn't fit snugly againt the left stud, so I held it in place while removing the nail that holds the spring in place. It's loose upon releasing the nail.

However, before releasing the nail, the tensioner assembly was a bit off-center to the left. I was unable to center it despite several attempts before releasing the nail.

It looks this this photo, though the nail is still installed in my situation:


Upon releasing the nail, the tensioner moved too far to the right off-center, pointing toward 9 O'clock. The washer outside of the tensioner is off-center.

The timing belt is centers with all sprockets and the tensioner.

My situation looks exactly like this:


I removed and reinstalled the tensioner assembly several times, but can't get the washer aligned. Same is true when torquing down the tensioner nut.


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