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Timing Belt Tensioner Assembly and Nut Misaligned 200 1980


I don’t see anything wrong with the tensioner being held in place by the stud and the washer under the nut on top of the cam bearing. All of it looks squarely pushing on the belt.
The nut and washer setup will look off center to the center of the bearing and that is the normal position.

If you want to, you can remove the nut and washer from the stud of the assembly, as it will just sit there, applying pressure on the belt.
You then can check to see if there is still some gap around the stud especially on the left side.
If the belt is of proper length there should be some. Not a big bunch of room but enough left so it can shift later.
The gap is to be there for further adjustment, after the belt stretches after a run-in period.

You should do this, During later intervals, like with oil changes or even two oil changes. Depending how long you go between them. The owner manual say up to 7,500 miles for oil. It might say, but I think it eludes too meaning, about 15,000 for the belt maintenance. Can you tell I’m vague! (:)

It is advised to just loosen the nut one turn and then retorque it back through the hole with rubber plug in the timing belt cover. You do not turn the engine or anything but loosen and tighten it back.
This will maintain proper tension on the belt to keep the timing precise to the crankshaft.

I’m glad to see the pieces are coming back together!



New Crankshaft Oil Seal Misaligned [200][1980]
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