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Option 5 200 1980

"This is why some old timers lubricate (thin engine oil woud suffice) the outer sealing edge that mates to the engine to facilitate installation. And just use their experienced fingers to push the seal in. Yes I've seen that. The seal was designed to be compatible with engine oil so its ok."

Yes. I know of at least one old timer who might skip the shortcuts and change the seals with the carrier removed. Me.

The PVC plumbing tool is a poor substitute for the machined steel seal installers, in some cases, because the PVC plug needs to be accurately machined itself to match the bolt diameter in order to maintain perpendicular force. This means each attempt will vary according to the "toolmaker's" skill set.

There's an advantage to pulling the carrier in giving access to the sludge and varnish behind it, and better cleaning and gauging the wear of the shafts. But like every option, it can introduce a risk, since pulling it involves renewing two more sealing mechanisms.

Art Benstein near Baltimore

"If you're incompetent, you can't know you're incompetent ... The skills you need to produce a right answer are exactly the skills you need to recognize what a right answer is." -David Dunning


New Crankshaft Oil Seal Misaligned [200][1980]
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