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Update: Unable to Torque Crankshaft Bolt 200 1980

I am unable to tighten my 1980 242 DL's 22mm crankshaft bolt to 122 ft-lbs. I removed two of the six 10mm bolts that hold the components of the crankshaft, then put a pulley holder into the two resulting holes, but it kept slipping.

I would use the rope trick (which worked to loosen the crankshaft bolt), but I can't find the timing mark notch on the crankshaft to get to 90 degrees BTDC. Although I know to rotate it so that the distributor points to the #1 spark plug wire, I am unsure whether I"m at TDC or 180 degrees off. If I'm 180 degrees off and use the rope trick, would I damage anything, particularly the valves?



New Timing Belt and Crankshaft Pulley in B21F Engine [200][1980]
posted by  1908242DLa  on Fri Dec 28 12:26 CST 2018 >

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