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Rope Trick Didn't Work! Re-Tightening Torque? 200 1980

I used Lucid's rope trick. I managed to prevent the crankshaft from rotating backwards, but the bolt still will not come off. I used a propane torch on the bolt heat and a 2 foot breaker bar with a 3 foot cheater bar and the manual transmission in first gear. I also hit the breaker bar with a no-blow baby sledge hammer. Any suggestions?

-> Use your ENTIRE body weight to pull with your hands holding the 3 foot cheater.

When you pull, the breaker & cheater bars combination SHOULD start to BEND, CREAK, feel SPRINGY and TENSE as if the whole thing gonna break but THIS is how it normally goes when undoing such STRONG bolt. The bars will fight against you but continue on pulling STRONG until the crank bolt start to creak and slowly turns anti-clockwise.

The crank bolt itself won't break, its very strong, but your bars and socket might be if you use regular steel variety. In this case get more heavy-duty tools - an impact variety carbonized hardened black steel socket with 3/4inch drive (for crank bolt), 3 foot breaker bar with 3/4inch drive and longer cheater bar.

Imagine you're like KING ARTHUR pulling the sword of EXCALIBUR from the stone : )



New Timing Belt and Crankshaft Pulley in B21F Engine [200][1980]
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