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Single fan clutch assembly on 1970s 240 200 1980

Good point about using a more recent fan clutch assembly.

"You can install the same fan assembly as you have on your 1988 (or up to 1995 940) if you have a spare. Though inspect the junkyard pull or used for oil leaks or lack of resistance (fan spinning freely cold yet more so warm means failed)."

If you plan inspecting a junk yard fan clutch I would suggest 2 more things to watch for:

- look for minimum corrosion on the bi-metal coil. This coil is the thermostat that moves the center shaft and opens the channels that let the oil flow around the friction disk when high temperature is reached.

- take a small flat blade screw driver, slip it between coil as near the center as possible, force gently to turn the center shaft counter-clockwise. It should move about 20° and a good coil will bring back. If it does not move it means the center shaft is stucked in place with corrosion. If it moves and coil does not bring it back then the bi-metal coil is defective.

This fan clutch has a very sophisticated and at the same time simple mechanism inside.

Hope that helps.

Happy New Year Everybody.


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