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Random weird stall, then won't start then will start 200 1992

So this mystery has an interesting plot twist.....Monday AM headed to work, car starts to die. Pulled over and checked #6 fuse, hot, replaced it. Started car up and just when I got smug it died on me. Waited 2-3 min, restart, drove to work ok, skips and stutters a few times. So after work I dove under the dash looking for the connectors in your post above. Pulling out the trim I noticed the carpet was soaking wet. Both driver and passenger, front and rear. Pulled up the carpet and removed the insulation, shop vac'ed all the water out of the floor boards, nooks and cranneys (1-2 gal at least). Turned on the garage A/C (it's Florida), set a fan inside the car and let it dry overnight. Also did the rocker panel leaf removal tango. Cleared the car's A/C drain hose, it was plugged with gunk and water gushed out when I removed it for cleaning. I normally check this 2x per year but haven't driven the car much lately, shame on me. Car drove fine the next day, no stall. Let everything dry for a few days and re-assembled the interior. So far no stalling issues. The square cabin to EFI harness junction (located on the passenger side, right side of center console below the dash) looked fine. The ECU looked fine but I did not pull any connectors. I'm going to check for more leaks but I think the plugged A/C drain and soaking wet floor carpets was causing at least part of the problem, not sure exactly how (did not see any connectors on the floor), but maybe the two wire harnesses that run fore and aft were affected by sitting in water. We've had a lot of rain these past few days with humid conditions so I'll re-check for water and leaks, especially up by the ECU. Thanks Art for all the feedback and info.


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