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Random weird stall, then won't start then will start 200 1992

"Pulled over and set the hazard, several cranks but no start attempts."

This symptom cannot be the VSS, so the reason you're getting a 311 is either unrelated, or just part of a general failure at the fuel ecu. A working computer doesn't care about the speed sensor when trying to start the car.

Next time you stall on the road and it doesn't start immediately, you might try spinning fuse 6. If you're "lucky," you'll burn your finger tip on it, and in doing so will be convinced there's a poor connection right there and you've identified the problem.

If fuse 6 doesn't seem to be the problem, and you want to tie the issues of the 311 code and the stalling together, I'd suggest having a close look under the glove box. Look carefully at the connector between the cabin harness and the fuel harness. Signs of overheating mean you could lose power to the fuel injection system, then it would cool, and work again.

Also, disconnect the ecu and look at its plug for signs of oxidation or water. The tin plating on the pins will take on a white powdery appearance if they're getting wet.

Also give this pictorial a read and see if any of other places power to the fuel system show signs of overheating... http://cleanflametrap.com/emfuse.html
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