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Random weird stall, then won't start then will start 200 1992

Art - thanks for your replies and the info, will check that wire and connector. Yes it's weird I haven't noticed any speedo/odo issues. So the latest is after Monday's post I drove Daisy/Christine Tues and Wed with no issues and no codes. Thurs morn headed to work and 1.5 miles from home she stalled on me as I letup on the gas to round a corner. Pulled over and set the hazard, several cranks but no start attempts. Then I wait about 2-3 min, and it cranked right up, took a deep breath and drove to work, ran fine. Then after work, headed back home, 1.5 miles and stalls again, this time at a red light in the middle of traffic at a super busy intersection. Several cranks, no start. Wait about 2-3 min and she started right up, drove home about 12 miles on the highway at 80, then 6 miles stop and go, no prob. No codes set. Tonight I went ahead and replaced the CPS with a used spare but I doubt that's the issue as you've pointed out. One positive note I was able to do a safety check on everybody's horn behind me while stuck at the intersection and can report they all work very well.


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