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Hi Chuck,

My comment about opposite experience was not so much an attempt to contradict your professional advice with my family fleet experience, as it was a "YMMV."

I'm pretty sure the crank sensor spec'd by Bosch and provided by Electricfil back in the 80's was pretty hard to make. The design, putting the thing on the top of the clock and running the lead wire straight out was, I think, re-thought in later renditions of the electronic engine management era. I believe it was hard to make because the winding had to be made with very fine wire and still stand up to the forces of encapsulation.

My guess was in the 90's when these were being built in production quantities the makers got pretty good at it, or figured out how not to throw too many out in final inspection. It helped that car makers like Volvo provided feedback and inspection for their spare parts.

Now that the things are made in small quantities I believe we are the final inspectors, backed by "money back warranties" instead of the threat of alternate suppliers to an assembly line. Our experiences with brand names amount to a few anecdotes, even when given by pros, because there just aren't enough of them getting tracked from install to failure. Two comebacks will burn you on a brand of practically anything, especially if you can't see the reason it failed.

Imagine if your customer switched mechanics without giving you feedback. It's human nature, avoiding conflict, so if you've been doing this for any length of time you know it is bound to happen, and happen for reasons out of your control.

My experiences with the aftermarket CPS are just insignificant snapshots in the scheme of automotive understanding. The "off-brand" was AIP, and Dan Page's experience was, like yours, opposite of mine: https://www.brickboard.com/RWD/volvo/1604824/220/240/260/280/art_b_tell_aip_crank_sensor_experience.html

Kinda hate to dwell (ouch) on the ignition aspect of this thread without first understanding why the code being reported is on the fuel side.

Art Benstein near Baltimore

"If you can't fix it with a hammer, you have an electrical problem." -vwbusman66


New 1 Random weird stall, then won't start then will start [200][1992]
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