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V70 2005 N/A, crank but no start V70-XC70

Hey guys,

Back from a 4 months trip, my V70 2005 non turbo will crank but not start.
I own this car for several years but I never had that no start problem before, it's the 1st time. This car has been a fairly reliable so far. I used to own several 850s and S70 in the past and I was able to troubleshoot most problems easily but I'm a lot less familiar with this model and don't know much of it.

The only thing I did is to spray some starting fluid into the intake hose, the engine started a bit but failed to continue running meaning that the ignition system, i,e: plugs, coil packs are OK. I've sprayed a second time, same thing.

Does someone knows where to start my troubleshooting?

Thanks a bunch


New V70 2005 N/A, crank but no start [V70-XC70]
posted by  Dennis 850GLT  on Mon Apr 22 11:37 CST 2019 >

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