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V70 2005 PEM di electric grease V70-XC70

Hey Rich, sorry for the very late reply. Someone passed away in my family lately.
I'm like you, I'm not too familiar with the V70. My experience with Volvos are on 850s/S70s, I've owned 5 of them. The 850s are the best cars I've never had. Still got 2, daughters driving them. For the no start problem on the V70, it was my very first technical problem that needed troubleshooting. If I were you, I'd replace the PEM (fuel pump controller module) there's plenty for sale on eBay. I've already bought one as a spare, apparently it's the common 'no start' problem on the V70s. The fuel pump technology on this car does work like the older Volvos like the 850s, you cannot bypass the controller to test out the pump. Let me know if I can be of any help. BTW: What year your V70?


New V70 2005 N/A, crank but no start [V70-XC70]
posted by  Dennis 850GLT  on Mon Apr 22 11:37 CST 2019 >

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