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V70 2005 N/A, crank but no start V70-XC70

Hi Klaus and thanks for our note. I am having the same problem with my 2004 V70. I just put the car up on the floor jack and I found the PEM. The connector is plugged in as it should be, are there some clips or something that mount the PEM to the top of the tank ? I would like to pull the module out and inspect it for corrosion etc. Then reassemble after a coat of dielectric compound. I would rather just unplug the male/female connector if possible but it is wedged in there tight and I don't want to damage any wiring by yanking on it. Is there a release clip for the connector itself that you know of ? This is not a difficult fix I just need to get this connector off so I can reseat it after a good cleaning. -Rich
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New V70 2005 N/A, crank but no start [V70-XC70]
posted by  Dennis 850GLT  on Mon Apr 22 11:37 CST 2019 >

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