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Successful Bevel Gear Rebuild V70-XC70 1998

Sorry about that, I meant to say the crush washer works on the bevel gear /fill/ plug and the rear diff /fill/ plug. My bad. Good catch.

My BG also did not have a drain plug - I installed one as you did by drilling a hole in the back of the middle 'vibration damper' stud hole.

I did end up draining the diff fluid even though there is no drain by siphoning and here's how I did it:
- took the car for a good long highway drive
- lifted driver's rear of car and removed fill plug
- fed a small vinyl tube down to the bottom of the diff
- used my fluid transfer suction device (works sort of like a bicycle pump) to suck some fluid out of the diff filling the vinyl tube
- placed end of tube into drain pan and let the fluid actually siphon out!! Because it was so hot it just siphoned right out!!

I was really impressed that this worked. It was by far the easiest way I've come up with to get that fluid out.

I replaced it with AMSOIL Severe Gear 75W-90 + AMSOIL Slip Lock limited slip additive. I'm not actually a big AMSOIL fan but based on this whitepaper it seemed like it was a really solid product and it wasn't expensive so I went for it.

1998 V70 AWD->FWD Turbo 200k+


New 5 Successful Bevel Gear Rebuild [V70-XC70][1998]
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