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Successful Bevel Gear Rebuild V70-XC70 2000

I read this and other BG rebuild posts from you and really enjoyed them all.
I had to remove my BG from 2000 XC (build in late 1999) because as it turned out after I took it apart the conical bearing nearest to the output flange) was completely destroyed inside.
The car would make an awful noice when driven naturally as the flange was just feeling really floppy inside, moving in and out and sideways without the bearing int the bearing cup.
So i removed the drive-shaft and the BG for now.
I do want to have and AWD as the snow season is approaching.

When i bought the car I was given another BG which, unfortunately, does not fit my car as it's the one from 1998-1999 (not the early 1998 and not the later 2000, sadly). This one feels very tight and after taking it apart i looked at all the bearings and they are fine. It just needs to be cleaned, resealed, and filled with liquid.

I did try to use the same conical bearing closest to the output flange from 1998-1999 BG on my 2000 BG, but they were different, as was the bearing cup in the same place.

I would like to buy this bearing and maybe the other 2 conical bearings and just rebuild the unit, as everything else looks fine to me (that includes the driveshaft as well).

How do i figure out the part number for the bearing as I could not read it off the bearinga, because it was shredded to pieces.

Really appreciate your answer.


New 5 Successful Bevel Gear Rebuild [V70-XC70][1998]
posted by  jadnhm  on Sat Sep 18 16:01 CST 2010 >

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