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Successful Bevel Gear Rebuild V70-XC70 2000

I am not really sure what to tell you. Start doing some research online and just eat up all the info you can. I kept a spreadsheet to organize all the info I dug up, but unfortunately for you I only kept info that was directly applicable to my situation with the early 1998 model.

If you find someone at a Volvo dealer who is willing to cooperate they actually /can/ look this stuff up in VIDA. I have a copy of VADIS and it is less than helpful in this regard.

For any bearings that you can get out without damaging too badly you should be able to read the part numbers off the side.

For those that can't be read you'll have to rely on helpful parts folks (FCP has been very helpful with me) and on measuring. I found my local bearings supplier was quite helpful and we were able to stumble through most things together. Just take in all your parts and be ready to spend some time in there measuring things and explaining the situation. A Decent vernier caliper in the hands of an experienced bearings guy will get you a long way.

The same comments apply to seals, and bearings suppliers will be able to get you seals as well.

I found it was generally cheaper to get the bearings from my local supplier anyway once shipping was factored in.

Good luck and let me know if I can be of any further help.

1998 V70 AWD->FWD Turbo 200k+


New 5 Successful Bevel Gear Rebuild [V70-XC70][1998]
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