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Successful Bevel Gear Rebuild V70-XC70 1998

Yeah Volvo changed their minds a few times over those first few years. For instance the early 98 AWDs (and there were even some 97s in Europe!) use a different bevel gear. I think I have determined that the only thing different is the internal gear ratio is a bit different. To my mind that doesn't sound like a big deal because of the VC - it would just either bias a little more or less torque to the rear end... Maybe not though. Anyway I got mine back together!

I think if I were to have my BG out of the car again I would try to rig up something to sit on that little bump-stop/pseudo-mount that the BG rests on. Since my BG is back in my engine vibrations are WAY down (though admittedly I put in a new mount) and also a recurring P0133 has dissapeard! I think the exhaust was flexing too much and causing a leak. With the exhaust not flexing it's not leaking!! That's my theory anyway....
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New 5 Successful Bevel Gear Rebuild [V70-XC70][1998]
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