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Anybody have Converse Ford clutch cable info?

My thinking was; Lots of talk here about failing clutch cables, what to do when I need to replace this oddball one?
BUT.... In trying to identify the pedal assy and cable, I've found some listings with photos for this cable with the "T" end. It appears that this cable, (and by inference, this pedal that is made for it), comes from a 1982, '83 and '84 240 DIESEL. So, replacements are available.
As for breakage at the "T" end, (reported in posts here), I'm going to attempt to make a nylon "sleeve" to fit over the "T" which will allow it to rotate a bit while in use. Posts here have said even with a good greasing, they still fail. maybe allowing for rotation will remedy this and maybe make operation a bit smoother.
If it doesn't work out, I'll swap in the pedal with the clevis for the cable. Posts report problems with this style too. Not enough clearance in the clevis to allow for full rotation causing the clevis to stress its' attachment to the inner cable and breaking. Maybe a longer clevis? I restore antique motorcycles, LOTS of playing with cables/ends. Lighter duty, but basics the same.


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