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Anybody have Converse Ford clutch cable info?

The Converse/Ford clutch cable arrangement has been in mine for 22 years -- working flawlessly first with a 5.0L Ford for 19 years, and the last 2 with an LS3. The clutch pedal/linkage end is completely stock as near as I can tell. On the other end, the Volvo plastic adjuster is present and there is a simple metal "ball" on the end of the cable. Works just fine with the Ford clutch arms. I used a stock fox body arm on the Ford motor; switched over to the slightly longer SN95 Stang arm when I moved to LS power as 1) the LS bell is larger diameter and this moves the cable attachment point out to a better alignment with the hole in the bell for the Volvo adjuster; and 2) the longer arm gives more leverage resulting in reasonable pedal pressure dealing with the bigger/stouter pressure plate assembly.


New Anybody have Converse Ford clutch cable info?
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