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do I need a new PS rack ? 1998 s90 S90-V90

1998 S90

After noticing some front end "wobble" at certain speeds or road bumps/potholes, I jacked each front wheel up separately and grabbed the tire at 3&9 o'clock, and found some play. The tie rod would move a little each way as I performed the tire wiggle test.
Same symptoms on each wheel, with the other front wheel on the ground.
I couldn't see the PS rack assembly, as the belly pan was still in place.
If I grabbed the tire at 12&6, there was no free play.

Could it be:
- steering rack mounting bolts loose?
- defective PS rack assembly?
- something else?



New do I need a new PS rack ? 1998 s90 [S90-V90]
posted by  GAcyclops  on Tue Dec 25 22:54 CST 2018 >

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