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ECU and Intake Manifold Gasket didn't quite fix it 200 1989


Shame the CPS did not change anything.

I agree changing around three different AMM’s the odds should be in your favor of the symptoms changing unless the problem is in the connector itself.
Those pins do push back up in the holder if the tabs inside get weak.
I would run my ohmmeter from the inside to the backside where the wires come out from under the rubber boot.
Give them some good wiggles and except nothing but a closed shorted leads reading.

As far as reliability those two computers, the ICU/ECU are mostly on the good side.
But I have read or it just seems to me, that the 1989 is a little more problematic that the later years in posts made here on the B.B.

I have read only once that the ICU can suffer from high ambient temperatures but that was from Malaysia. They put a computer fan on it and the problem, whatever it was, went away.
If your car has a bad one or if it is the ECU it must be pretty far gone? It does control mixture and is a true middleman.

It seems that the car is hitting with regularity on start up so the spark is getting generated. Your car is not turning off like on another poster I’m working with.
If it wasn’t the CPS giving out any erroneous signals that will go to the ICU, then it turns on the ECU. It is those same pulses that are transferred to the ECU. Those base signals are spread out and run through parts of the program at the same time.
There is a thin line drawn where the ECU makes more crucial adjustments. I think the ECU is what controls limp mode, when it doesn’t like something that might hurt the engine.

So, at this point, you are looking at swapping out these looking for an ECU that is not in limp mode.

With my foot sticking out of my mouth, I still need to mumble out this question to ask. Have you run a compression check to make sure you do not have a stuck open valve. Either by being too tight on the valve lash adjustment or a burnt valve?



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New 1 Bad ECU? the infamous pink label 561 [200]
posted by  someone claiming to be macs70GLT  on Tue May 29 08:17 CST 2018 >

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