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Bad ECU? the infamous pink label 561 200

Ok - I'm working on my (new to me 89' Volvo 240, LH 2.4)

I have done a lot of general maintenance items, see list below.

In the last week or so it has developed an extremely rough idle, to the point it is very difficult to drive. Currently throwing code 2-2-4 (ECT sensor), however it’s a new sensor, and the ECU appears to be showing correct resistance per temp graph in Bentley.

The things I have not yet done: test the cold start injector, check brake booster for vacuum leak

Is there a way to check the ECU itself??

I'm interested in looking for a 951 ECU, from what I've read it does not require the cold start injector - one of the prime suspects...

Recent work:
Replaced in-tank fuel pump
Replaced fuel filter & check valve, also checked operation of pump
Removed & cleaned injectors – new o-rings, pintle caps & filter baskets
Spark plugs, cap & rotor, plug wires
Air filter
Cleaned out the flame trap, removed separator & installed with new o-ring
New Oxygen sensor
New engine coolant temp sensor
Swapped in different IAC valve
Swapped in different AMM
Swapped in different fuel pressure regulator
Cleaned throttle body

Thanks for your inputs, definitely appreciated.

88' 240, sold @ 250K miles
98' 70GLT, sold at 225K miles
95' 940T, limping along in NM (son's car)
98' V70GLT - my mistake, sold at a loss...
89' 240 - just getting acquainted


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posted by  someone claiming to be macs70GLT  on Tue May 29 08:17 CST 2018 >

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