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ECU and Intake Manifold Gasket didn't quite fix it 200 1989

Last night I replaced the cps thinking I had finally found the smoking gun - to my dismay the limp home mode persists.

I tried all 3 AMM just in case it was caused by the combination of bad AMM and cps (granted I can't vouch that any of these AMM is good, one was on the car, 2 from the boneyard - I'm just assuming not all 3 are likely failed).

Plan is to have it towed to a Volvo shop tomorrow. Both my wife & daughter have been very patient while I worked this the past few weeks. Daughter will take the car to college in the fall.

A couple last questions, last ditch efforts for tonight:

Can a failed signal to the EZ-116K ignition computer throw the car into Limp Mode?

Are the EZ-116K computers prone to failure?

Appreciate your inputs. Years ago I had issues with my first Volvo, 88' 240, and went through similar stages of trouble shooting. Don't recall the final cause - just the frustration.



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New 1 Bad ECU? the infamous pink label 561 [200]
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