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What is this? Helping to Clarify Some Early 240 Bits 200 1976

Thanks again for all of the info and insight. That parts catalog is amazing! I will resist the urge to print the whole thing out.

Most of the hoses in my car are in surprisingly good shape and have clearly been maintained. More problematic is anything electrical. 40 years in the desert seems to have done a number on wires, but not rubber hoses (actually, rubber was likely regularly replaced...wires, not so much). So, I don't think I have any vac leaks or air leaks, but for example I have my doubts that that aux air valve is properly functioning electrically. But I can test that.

I am the second owner of this car, and the first owner kept it going for most of its 289K miles. I bought it after it went up on auction in NM. It lived its whole life in NM, and then I went and brought it to MA. I hope to keep the rust at bay, but right now, no rust. My guess is that the original owner maintained it as a daily driver up until the acquisition of parts just became too difficult for someone who wanted transportation alone and not transportation AND a hobby. It has all of the signs of a car that was maintained by the same mechanic for years and years...replacing what needed replacing and sort of hacking things together when necessary until that just became too hard.

So now, that's my job.

The car has the 4 sp w/ electronic od (M46) transmission. It has manual steering (something that mystifies and frustrates any driver under the age of about 50). Actually, I think the kids are more confused by manual window winders than they are anything else. ;-)


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