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What is this? Helping to Clarify Some Early 240 Bits 200 1976

In another thread here I mentioned that there are several things under the hood of my 1976 245 that I'm unclear about, and I'm having difficulty properly identifying them from the various sources I'm researching online. I've also tried to use the various manuals I've found online (in addition to Haynes), and these tend to be rather unhelpful in showing systems more or less unique to my early model.

I have 3 questions to start.... Sorry, I seem to be only able to post 1 picture per post and don't want to clutter up the forum with similar posts, so here's one picture and the rest are available via links (which I give).

First: In the picture below, what's the electrical connection that goes to the piece that houses my idle adjustment knob? All other images I can find of manifolds have just the adjustment knob, but no electrical piece that attaches to it. ???

Second: In this picture - http://survey.sun-associates.com/images/245/IMG_9896.jpg - what's the little wire loop that is coming out of my control unit? It looks like it's coming out of the same place where one is supposed to insert an allen wrench/volvo tool to adjust the mixture. Did early units have an external adjuster (that loop on the end of the wire thing in the pic)? I just want to know what this is before I go turning or pulling or whatever on it.

Third: (http://survey.sun-associates.com/images/245/o2.jpg) My car has an oxygen sensor which is wired up to a control unit (in the passenger's side footwell). It has the Lambda-sond grille badge (fwiw). But it has NO catalyst and as far as I can tell never did. The door tag - http://survey.sun-associates.com/images/245/doortag.jpg clearly states that it's a non-catalyst car. Everything that I read says that cars with oxygen sensors should have had catalysts. But ONLY the oxygen sensor...I can't find any record of that. And related to this...I have no idea how long ago this sensor was changed. It's cheap and easy to get to, would you recommend that I just pop a new one in there as preventative maintenance?

Just for kicks, or if it helps someone identify things, here's a picture of the whole engine bay - http://survey.sun-associates.com/images/245/eb.jpg . Somewhere I read that it's unusual to have an unpainted timing belt cover. Is that true?

Otherwise, I'm loving this car, and it's entertaining to work on. There's so much room to work under there owing to no AC (it had it originally, but the P O removed the compressor when no doubt some part of the system failed) and no power steering.

Thanks for any input you might have.


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