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What is this? Helping to Clarify Some Early 240 Bits 200 1976

First let me say that it looks like all the hoses are in VG condition and the potential "air leaks" that I thought might be present...even have hose clamps on the Aux Air Valve hoses.

My 1980 K-Jet with AC ... and this is my only actual visual check... is diff in that... there is no electrical cnxted solinoid on that "body". The port where the hose to the distrib (and branch) has not been drilled -- it's sealed. Where you have that solinoid, I have a hose that goes to a plastic vaccum valve, with hoses that lead to the AC Valve mounted on the firewall -- which you mentioned earlier.

In addition. The hose from the Vaccum Advance is not connected in anyway to this. The hose from the distributor vaccum advance (double pie pan on the side) module goes directly to a nipple on the other side of the throttle body (facing the firewall) so the Vaccum has no divergences.

Someone with an earlier model with a B21F --- the first in the US was the 1976...needs to chime in here.

I had a 1975 245 it was a K-Jet but it had the older B20F engine.


On to the Aux Air Valve... that big hose that goes to the Valve is not a vaccum it is part of the Bypass between the adjuster and the intake manifold. The other hose hooks into the INtake Manifold and the blade valve in the Aux Air device lets in more air which causes the Fuel Distrubutor to let in more Fuel (since the Plate inside that fuel distributor is raised(more fuel) but the total vaccum (sucking) of the running engine.

So, I guess you already know, that air leaks inboard of that Plate inside the Fuel Distrib...cause it to pour in more fuel.

By the way... is this an Automatic or a Manual gearbox. I've got a 4 speed and around town I get low 20's ---maybe 24mpg. On the highway, as it's a 4spd and running 3K on the tach at today's highway speeds at times.... at 60-65 I'll get 25mpg


I'm guessing this a California or West Coast car...lack of rust?


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New What is this? Helping to Clarify Some Early 240 Bits [200][1976]
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