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What is this? Helping to Clarify Some Early 240 Bits 200 1976

now that art's got pictures up, i can play-thanks art.

1 idle solenoid for ac idle change.

2 that is the block off plug for the co screw. it's needed to keep the co from leaning out. usually lost, have seen them a few times. it used to be available-1266383. the later cars DID have an anti-tamper plug in them.

3 is the 30k o2 sensor. if bad it can affect mileage and idle.

4 is strange, not seen a o2 sensor on a car w/o converter from the factory. does the plate on the rad support agree with the decal you posted and the vin tag? i don't have my 76 new car features handy, so i can't id the motor number in the next pic. i have seen and done a 76 front pipe in place of a 78 up convertor and pipe. 1 pipe from manifold to ft muffler-462821-long discontinued. maybe a conversion? easy to do, 78 man1fold, 02, ecu and harness.

5 is correct. my 76, 78 and 80 242s had metal covers. 81 up is plastic. good luck, chuck.


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New What is this? Helping to Clarify Some Early 240 Bits [200][1976]
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