V8 - Upper front strut mount/bearing assy; prefernces?

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Upper front strut mount/bearing assy; prefernces?

From my post up above --- "I strongly prefer the current set up. Even though firmer, all bumps are one-and-done. Actually seems MORE refined with this set up than previously."

The one change I strongly encourage is the move to poly control arm bushes on the front suspension. However -- IMPORTANT -- the stock rubber bushings contribute to the front spring rate in a non-linear fashion because they are designed to twist the rubber as the control arm moves through its arc. You LOSE that spring rate when you go to poly bushings which DO NOT twist the poly as the control arm moves. So it's possible at large control arm deflections that an IPD sport spring with a poly bushing may actually be as soft as or softer than a stock Volvo spring with a working rubber bushing.

Additionally - if you go with Ben's caster/camber plates/upper bushings - you won't get much out of the adjusters because of the diameter of the stock size springs. Moving to adjustable perches and 2.5" springs allows a lot of adjustment.

As mentioned in my original reply above, you won't find anything that works any better. And as my dad taught me long ago - it's only expensive if you can't afford it. ;)


New Upper front strut mount/bearing assy; prefernces?
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