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Upper front strut mount/bearing assy; prefernces?

looking at the Kaplhenke stuff. Looks great but not cheap. I have an '84 242DL, currently working on replacing all front end bushings with poly stuff from IPD, (rear already done, adj. panhard, torque rods, etc)) and bead blasting, painting/powdercoating everything in sight under there while it's apart. Have IPD "sport" lowering springs and Koni Sport shocks.
Wondering though; with the stiffer springs, shocks and poly bushings, there's not much "give" anywhere in front suspension. The Kaplhenke stuff is solid aluminum, so no "give" there, either. I live in Michigan; todays news brings word Michigan roads are WORST in USA! Hooray! We're #1!! It's like a constant "pavement motocross". Back when I worked in bike shops, I made a pile of money replacing $$$$$ Ducati bent wheels and blown out tires from potholed roads. Avg about 3-5 a week in season.
The Kaplhenke stuff should deal with any alignment issues from lowering the Volvo, but is it gonna ride like a cement truck? Not doing any racing with this car, just want a nice, quick, comfortable street car. Have a lowered, manual trans pickup with big wheels and sport shocks if I want to rattle my fillings.
Not much in the way of twisty roads around here, either, have to go maybe 50 miles W, minimum about 150+ miles to SE, or South, to find any fun roads. It's not Florida, but still....
So, Kaplhenke front suspension stuff overkill for this car?


New Upper front strut mount/bearing assy; prefernces?
posted by  nortons  on Sun Nov 25 21:48 CST 2018 >

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