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Drilling a Hole in Oil Cap or Re-Routing Excess Gasses S90-V90 1998


I replaced the PCV system (flame trap and oil box) and associated hoses, but my car continues to fail the glove test. I was thinking: could I just drill a hole in the oil cap to relieve excess pressure? Maybe have it route to a catch can? Alternatively, could I take maybe the breather hose off the flame trap and route it to a catch can?

I don’t have the energy to take the whole intake manifold off again, nor do I want to check every single vacuum hose. Just thought this might help alleviate pressure - especially since my front cam seals are blown and I’d like to get rid of excess pressure before replacing them. I don’t have to worry about an inspection from the local authorities. So, that’s not a problem.

Any thoughts?


New Drilling a Hole in Oil Cap or Re-Routing Excess Gasses [S90-V90][1998]
posted by  HerrGruyere  on Mon Jul 8 11:26 CST 2019 >

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