RWD - B30 water pump woes.

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B30 water pump woes. 140-160

On the bolts I matched them to the same lengths so it should be ok.

This has been an ongoing job for two months so while the pump was out I replaced the sump, valve, timing gear gaskets and front main seal so there are no more oil leaks. That discoloration is from it being wet trust me that is not oil on there. :)

I remember looking at this location when the pump was out and I don't remember seeing a crack but that's not to say it isn't there...that's for sure. As to the weep hole I had a check on the pump and there is no coolant stain but the entire pump was covered in a thick coating of oil/grease so this doesn't mean that it wasn't there.

On the C303/TGB the B30 has a dual belt drive that runs a remote cooling fan since it is mid-engine (or close to it) so a rod attaches to the pump pulley via a metal/rubber coupling on both ends so that it can spin the fan up front. The fan has it's own bearing/coupling on the front end of the truck so it doesn't really have much resistance on the pulley other than just having the rod connected to it.


New B30 water pump woes. [140-160]
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