RWD - B30 water pump woes.

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B30 water pump woes. 140-160

Yes, the old pump was leaking but it was really hard to tell where due to the amount of old grease on the front of the block. Initially I thought it was an oil leak because the hot water would take some of the oil with it so it looked more like oil staining on the drive than coolant. It was dripping on the lip of the front oil/sump cover adjacent to the the balancer. Also, the pump had turned loud as though bearings were on their way out.

It's really hard to tell exactly where the leak is coming from whether it is a top seal weeping and that weep is cascading down the top of the pump then flowing off to the top flange from the bolt hole or if it's in fact weeping at the bolt hole itself. The leak on the top left side seems to be coming from the very top of the pump at the top where the pump seals against the face of the block.

Tried to upload some pictures to attach.


New B30 water pump woes. [140-160]
posted by  bmontz  on Mon Mar 4 09:28 CST 2019 >

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