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Transmission pan gasket issue 200

Hello all,
Last year I replaced my transmission pan gasket with a rubber gasket, I also used gasket sealer but a small drip was always constant. This weekend I noticed a puddle under the car. I removed the tranny pan and realized that the gasket was slit longways about a three inch slice.
I replaced the gasket with a non-rubber Fel-Pro brand. I torqued the 14 bolts to 44 lb. using a three inch extension. This morning there was a puddle under the car again. I got the socket set out and realized that the bolts were not tight-tight and were somewhat easy to turn 1/4.
Does using an extension effect the torque.
Tranny fluid continued to drip out the pan gasket while running errands this afternoon.
Should I tighten the bolts up again?


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New Transmission pan gasket issue [200]
posted by  NewMexico240  on Mon Jul 9 17:42 CST 2018 >

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