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B20 Uneven Heating

I'm currently chasing down an unusual heating problem on a B20.
The engine seems to run hot. Especially at the rear of the head. Using a laser pointer type thermometer, the temperature at the temperature sensor is about 40 degrees F higher than the front of the head at the water outlet to the radiator.
The engine is a B20 installed in a '58 Duett. It still has the original radiator, though I have installed a 6 blade fan and an electric 15" pusher fan.
I've flushed the engine and radiator, pulled the heat distribution tube (no blockage). installed a new thermostat. Also new antifreeze with distilled water and "Waterwetter".
I also pulled and inspected the water pump then reinstalled it since it appeared to be in excellent condition.
I have another car with a B20 engine and reading from the same points on the head there is never more than 5 degree difference.
I have only been driving around the neighborhood since the Duett isn't yet registered or insured. I want to get it up and running reliably by the end of March so I can drive it up to Davis.
Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.


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New B20 Uneven Heating
posted by  TR Conn  on Thu Feb 1 01:32 CST 2018 >

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