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93 240 alternator not charging 200

My 93 240 wagon is not charging the battery. Symptom started as a random intermittent condition where the overdrive light would come on (still in OD) and the speedo, gas and temp gauge would drop out and a dim battery light would come on. I'd stop and check the battery voltage and get 13+V. Head scratch.. Often it would stop by itself or after the car sat overnight. Eventually it happened again coming home one night and stayed on, I stopped at several places and after about 1.5 hours of drive/stop/drive the battery was dead as a doornail, had to pull over. Got a jump and charge enough to get the last 3 miles home. Replaced alternator with spare Bosch rebuilt, inc new voltage regulator. Still not charging. Key off D+ is 0V. Key on D+ is 1.24V. Idle D+ is 1.34 V. Battery only reads 12+V and with key on no instrument light comes on except the OD light.
Any ideas? This is as far as I got on this, decided to ask the experts before I go any farther. Thanks in advance!


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New 93 240 alternator not charging [200]
posted by  JPistos  on Sun Jan 14 18:03 CST 2018 >

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