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Effect of heavier/larger wheels 1800S?

I am going to upgrade from the stock steel wheels on my 65' 1800S. After much research i have narrowed it down to the VTO classic 8. However i am torn between a 15x7 or a 16x7. I honestly prefer the looks and better tire options with the 16" however it is nearly 4 lbs heavier and with a tire on it the 16" package would be 42 lbs overall, the 15" package would be 37 lbs overall. The current wheel/tire combo on the car is 34lbs. How much impact will the heavier packages have on overall performance? Its a street car so i don't need to squeeze every drop of performance out by any means but a serious change would be disappointing. Its a mostly stock B18 anyway so not a rocket by any means. I was already able to use my Subaru's wheels with some spacers to check that a 205/55R16 on a 7" rim with a +12 offset fits and does not rub anywhere on the car. So no fitment issues just concerned about the weight difference. I also have personal experience on my 63' Ford Falcon that points me to the larger wheel, that car had 165/80 tires on 13" rims and i put a set of 17x7.5 wheels with a 205/40 and it did not noticeably hurt performance and greatly improved the looks and handling of that car.
Any thoughts on the added unsprung weight?


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New Effect of heavier/larger wheels 1800S?
posted by  erik1463  on Sat Aug 12 10:58 CST 2017 >

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