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How to flush AC lines on 89 240?

In my quest to convert the R12 system to 134a I did the following.

1. Installed a newer compressor from a 240 previously converted to 134a.
2. Installed a high and low side port on the system.
3. Installed a new receiver dryer
4. Added four ounces of ester oil after draining the compressor.

I took the car to my AC friend and was pleased that it pulled down and held a good vacuum. We put one can of 134a in and the high pressure side went to 50 but the low pressure side still showed a vacuum that increased with increased engine speed.

When the the engine was off the pressure equalized showing about 20 on both sides. His determination was that there was probably an obstruction in the system. It was only a guess but he suggested it might be the orifice tube.

What can I use to try to (back) flush the components in this system? Or is this even a workable plan?



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New How to flush AC lines on 89 240?
posted by  rstarkie  on Fri Aug 4 12:38 CST 2017 >

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