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Let's hear engine swap ideas... 444-544

Hi gang-

Finished my disk brake swap yesterday - removed the reverse valve from the master, flipped the shocks after cutting/welding the bolts.

I've always wanted to do something kinda nuts, and this car seems like the ideal choice - small, light, cheap, and not nice enough to be a restoration candidate.

Ideally, I'd like a complete donor for 2Kish that could be a source for engine/trans/fuel supply/efi/rack n pinion/rear end etc. Hoping to do it on the cheap, but no illusions about this not being a waste of time and money. Goal is something in the neighborhood of 8 to 10 #/HP.

I've been fixated on 5.0 mustangs, since I could use pretty much the whole OEM drivetrain. But man, after spending some time under the car, there really isn't a lot of room. Any thoughts on using the A4OD instead of a T5? Don't know that I'd miss the shifting action with that much power, and it could really simplify the install.

2.3L Ford four cyl (Ranger/Mustang) has been kicked around as well, but that'd need a turbo, megasquirt setup which adds another level of complexity.

I had my sights on BMW M52's for a bit, but I think it's way too long.

KA24E/DE could work, but the drifters have pretty well killed the supply of 240sx's.

SR20DET would be cool, but then there's the headache of sorting all the ancillaries, since I'd be using a JDM Ebay source.

Also pondering a B230FT, but I figure the AW71 wouldn't fit, and an M46/7 is probably not sturdy enough, leading to a T5 swap down the road.

Any bright ideas out there? Regardless of what I do, I'm sure to need a rear end, part of the allure of the Ford products, keep the same bolt spacing.

Is a rebuilt B16B worth anything? Rebuilt SUs? Transmission (M4 I guess)?

Thanks all-


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