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KISS 444-544

Thanks John, as always appreciate the input; realize much of this is rehash of the TB thread.

Rear suspension - no joke there. Couldn't believe how spindly everything is.

With the Ford swap, I loosely planned on taking the donor axle and mounting points.

A low torque/hi rev setup might allow me to retain the existing axle and suspension, no? Seems I read that the stock stuff wasn't adequate at even stock power levels... But man, rotaries just scare me, S2K stuff is rare and expensive around here.

As far as the tunnel goes, the existing floor/tunnel is fixed, correct? I knew this would be an issue... basic plan was to cut out the top of the tunnel and part of the firewall, lay things in, and build the firewall and tunnel back in place in new positions. Kinda strange on this car that there's no removable trans crossmember; so I'll have to make sure I can get the engine/trans in and out later - don't want to paint myself into a corner, haha.

Am I crazy for being hung up on a complete donor?

KISSing would be okay too. A bit of a retraction of my stated goal to be nuts, though.

Anyone know offhand if a B230FT/M46(7) would fit in the engine bay? Or do redblocks need to be upright? And how big a deal is it to mount that way?

I think I'm nearing a mental crossroads - either a V8, re-engineering the rest of the car in a ratrod style, or a turbo I4, retaining as much of the existing car as I can, rally/vintage race style.

Either way, I think I prefer the low rev/high torque approach, since it'll be a street toy, and hi rev stuff on the street gets old in a hurry.


New Let's hear engine swap ideas... [444-544]
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