RWD - 89 245 stalls when hot,cools down starts back up

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89 245 stalls when hot,cools down starts back up 200 1989

Hi Randy,

My first thought was the ignition module too! Ignition coils rarely fail.
It’s that little black box that’s in the hiding in that dark hole behind the battery.
It’s a middleman that can have dependability problems with age. I too, could soon qualify for a job like that! (:)
It’s so over looked by every person who leans over the battery side fender.
Out Of Sight Out Of Mind!

Yep, I just picked up on that one line statement as being so concise!
I wonder if while waiting for it to cool down if the he or she should check for spark. That might be a little detail that can help?

Information in general to the thread maker:

The consensus on the board is to disconnect the harness from it, several times, to possibly clean the contacts inside it.
If you are going to pull the battery out be prepared to put some terminal corrosion inhibitor back on the terminals inside.
The earlier car batteries, like in the beginning of this cars life, were known to out gas a lot. Add on time with various weather that can cause corrosion even under rubber. Again, “ OOSOOM!”

Another thing, this is an electronic relay that handles quite a bit of coil current and it does get warm.
The transistor pack needs cooling through a block of aluminum on its back side.
There is a heat sink paste that goes in between the two surfaces to provide better heat conduction and it deteriorates from the same environmental conditions stated above.
It is a common practice to clean it off and smear on another film to resolve the heat issue once again. Electronic shops carry the paste in small tubes for a few bucks.
Clean the ground connection on that harness too!

If this is the problem, a little TLC can turn a many “OOSOOM” events, into an Awesomely cheap fix!



New 89 245 stalls when hot,cools down starts back up [200][1989]
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