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Volvo going slower

I love the Autobahn. I had rented an XC90 D5 and plugged the cruise control at 140K (86mph) and only had to worry about the Audi's in the left hand lane. The Germans all obeyed the laws and had cars that were safe at speed.

Unlike Europe, most of the States here do not have strict safety standards. Many of the cars and pickup trucks on the road are unsafe at any speed. Worthless shocks, rust, dented body panels, smoking exhausts, cracked windows, overloaded, and cruising in the left lane with none of the mirrors adjusted properly. We have large trucks passing each other on divided highways, at 1 mph difference in speed - not fun when they encounter a hill and the truck being passed gains on the truck in the left lane, and both traveling well below the speed limit.

We also do not have any driver training for the 16-18 year olds. It is left to the parents?? My daughter took driver's education during high school - what a joke! They never taught the class common sense driving techniques, the children got behind the wheel for a few hours. Never any panic braking, crash avoidance, just drive to the Interstate, get in the left hand lane, go back to school.

I was in South Dakota, two lane roads and speed limit at 60mph, when I came up behind two large tractor trailers doing the speed limit. The road was curvy and hilly. I saw that the road was clear ahead for a bit and passed both of them. By the time I reached the 2nd truck, I noted that the speedometer was at 115mph and climbing. I let off the gas when I got past the 2nd truck and coasted back down to 65mph. I don't like to stay in the opposing lane, especially when there are "blind" stretches ahead.

Keeping it running is better than buying new


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