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Volvo going slower

PARIS (Reuters) - Volvo Cars said on Monday Α/4/2019] it will introduce a 180 km per hour (112 mph) speed limiter on all new vehicles as the Swedish automaker seeks to burnish its safety credentials and meet a pledge to eliminate passenger fatalities by 2020.

Will they change all of the speedometers to end at 120mph? Instead of the current 160mph(280Km)?

Germans will probably complain because they will no longer be able to cruise in the left lane on the Autobahn.
Keeping it running is better than buying new


New 1 Volvo going slower
posted by  KlausC  on Tue Mar 5 11:01 CST 2019 >
  • New 1 Me too!
    posted by  B20Paul.  on Tue Mar 5 11:44 CST 2019 >

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