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Refueling is difficult V70-XC70 2013

The manual is describing an older Fuel Flap locking mechanism. On my 2013, the flap springs open when the button is pushed. You have to press the door closed with a click, indicating to me that the solenoid to unlatch the door is momentary.

As far as the EVAP Vent Valve, quoting from Samarins.com:


"The vent valve is controlled by the engine computer (PCM). Normally the vent valve is open. It closes when the engine computer tests the EVAP system for leaks. If a leak in the EVAP system is detected, the Check Engine light will illuminate on the dash and the trouble code related to the problem will be stored in the engine computer."

This is referring to a generic design for the EVAP System. My post suggests that Volvo deviated from this generic design.

As far what happens during refueling, the air in a fuel tank (2 cubic feet, or 30 liters) has to be vented to the atmosphere as the tank is being filled. Fumes are taken up by the charcoal canister, but not volume and pressure. I know from experience with more than one Volvo that the refueling is impeded if there is ANY blockage of the vent path to atmosphere -- these could be a clogged canister, a closed Vent Valve, or a clogged Air Filter. A blocked vent path makes refueling terribly slow and awkward -- only allowing 2 sec bursts of fuel to go in. At least, fuel pumps in the US are sensitive this way, and rely on tank venting to work.


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