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puzzling overheating and stalling S80 2010

This car belongs to a friend who uses it to commute to work over a modest mountain highway. This 'mountain' rises sufficiently to cause ear popping between the small town in which he lives and the city to which he is commuting.

The car will overheat and stop running in stop and go traffic on a random basis

He has had it in to a shop and here is what they have found to date. The following was emailed to the owner as to what they have been doing.

"Scanned the car when it was dropped off. No-misfire codes from last time, however only one code logged which is ecm-P061A62. Internal control module torque performance failure. Meaning that the engine computer interprets torque requested through various sensors such as air mass/temp/map/throttle computer ect.. When it sees a difference in torq measurement/request between different sensors it limits throttle position. Symptoms are hesitation/jerky running.
This particular code only logged 3 times out of 60 drive cycles, very intermittant. Possible sources for this fault are any of the 12 different input sensors, such as temp sensor/rpm sensor/airmass/map sensor/engine computer or air leaks.
Checked service bulletins in regards to this code, there was a recall in the states for this particular code causing engine shut down at idle/restart issues. Volvo recall RTJ23128-2010-06-29. Doesn’t seem to apply to Canadian models though. I phoned the dealer to see if any recalls are available on the car, there is none available according to your Vin number.
As of right now, I have changed your coils, cleared the codes and let the car sit idling with the a/c on for the last couple of hours with our computer hooked up to it. All parameters are in spec right now, nothing suspect, car hasn’t acted up as of yet.
Couple of directions we can take, one we can keep running the car periodically to see if we can get it to act up here in Cobble Hill[shop location] . It may give us some direction on where to start fault tracing. Second, we can send it down to our Victoria ][city location] to see if they can get the car to act up. Problem is that the car kind of has to start acting up for any sort of repair process, it may run fine for them as well. Third option is updating the engine computer software, about at 275.00 process after subscription/labor/software and see what happens. Keep in mind this would not be a guaranteed fix, car may still act up after software, but at least you could rule it out as an issue."

The shop has access to the Vida Dice software and it has been applied to try and deduce the problem with the car. An intermittent fan was a possible culprit but so far nothing has shown. When the car is at the shop it does not replicate the problem--so far.

Would altitude have anything to do with this? Just thinking of the climb over the small mountain twice a day and really just grasping at straws I must admit.


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New puzzling overheating and stalling [S80][2010]
posted by  muskox37  on Sat Aug 12 17:28 CST 2017 >

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