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Spark plugs and anti seize C70 2004

Paul, I have a spark plug socket. There is a rubber O ring inside the socket that holds the plug. That and a 6" extension work great.

For those that don't have an air compressor, find a can of compressed air with a straw. Just make sure you wear eye protection!

Ignore the comm mechanic and use anti-seize every time the plugs come out. The plugs will not spin out on their own. Those old wive's tales about plugs blasting holes in the hood are just that. Or, someone who destroyed the threads and didn't bother to fix it...

Keeping it running is better than buying new


New 1 Spark plugs and anti seize [C70][2004]
posted by  Steven H  on Sat Sep 10 08:09 CST 2016 >

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