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Spark plugs and anti seize C70 2004

Have used small amounts of anti-seize for spark plugs in the past, am benefiting a huge amount from assoc. with a local comm mechanic now and he says to refrain from doing that. Am following his advice on this to date but still may put a very small amount of a-s onto the plug threads next compression test or plug change.

Here is a possible tip for starting the plugs although am no mechanic: can use a ca. 6-8" rubber hose that fits snug over the plug tip and part way down the ceramic cone. You can still feel the threads engaging to hand-start the plugs and reaching the s.p. holes is easy this way. Of course you start by backing until the threads click then turn to start tightening being mindful to keep holding the plug/hose combo steady at the same angle as when you heard and felt the click. Works here great, am not too scared of cross-threading plugs/head anymore with this routine.

Blew out the spark plug wells w/ compressed air before loosening any of the plugs, with a strong tight flashlight beam saw signif. crud in the wells and some of the crud was under the s.p. collar i.e. could not even be seen with the s.plugs in place, even with the tight flashlight.

Also here do not tighten with a torque wrench. Just carefully snug. Well pretty snug but cautiously.

Have three Volvos now: 1990 745T since 1998 1998 V70 AWD since 2014 on wife's request, is excellent trip car but learning curve has been steep with that one and 1996 850 with manual trans. since this last July. 850 n/a with manual surprisingly peppy. Lots of help over the years on all three cars from this Board and matthewsvolvosite.


New 1 Spark plugs and anti seize [C70][2004]
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