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ROLL CALL - Who still reads this board?

OK, so it's as much as 10 years! since some of the posts in this thread, but there is a GOLD MINE of information here! Seems like most of the builds were done in 2002-2008 or so, most Ford V8, but now these are being swapped for GM LS. I've had multiple stops/starts on my '84 242DL/ Ford project due to health issues, house moves, etc, but have made more progress in last few months, than last 10 years!
I have started going through reading posts here from 2001-on. Learned a huge amount and saved a ton of time not going down blind alleys. I find this format easier to use and search archives for specific info than the current Facebook.
I go to this site about once a week or so, for the last 2-3 years; always find something useful in the archives

Why Ford and not LS? Have extensive, minutely detailed Ford info, I'm a FoMoCo retiree with a good discount on parts and I live in Dearborn, Mich. within sight of the Ford Engineering complex, surrounded by Ford employees who work at Engine Engrg, the Dyno Lab, etc, etc.
I hope that this site stays alive and begins to be used more. The Volvo V8 swaps seem to actually be growing of late, though finding rust free examples of 30 year old cars is getting harder and more $$$, (thus making our cars more valuable!). I'll bet that a few bucks could be made by publishing a comprehensive, updated manual/book/CD, etc on Volvo V8 swaps. I would drop $50 for one. The JTR book was OK for its' time, but today leaves a LOT to be desired- a Chevy 305? Why bother?


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